About the British Friends of Reuth

About the British Friends of Reuth

The British Friends of Reuth, is a registered UK charity and has been active for over seven decades in assisting Reuths work in Israel in the field of healthcare and social welfare.
Our focus is on sponsoring the Quality of Life Therapies at Reuth Rehabilitation Hospital, Tel Aviv. The therapies are based on one of the key principles of Reuth, that every person deserves to live life with dignity and respect. They include; therapeutic gardening, music, art, drama and animal therapy, therapeutic outings and activities in the community.

The dynamic leadership of the British Friends of Reuth helps us reach our goals in support of Reuth along with our trustees and committees.

Charity No 1126124. Company Limited by Guarentee. No 06615331. Registered in England and Wales, registered Office: 75 Maygrove Road, London, NW6 2EG

Reuth Israel

Reuth was founded in Israel in 1937 and is one of Israels largest and oldest non-profit organisation specialising in health and social welfare and providing a range of medical, rehabilitation and community services including the Reuth Rehabilitation Hospital.


The hospital provides:

  • 350 bed state of the art rehabilitation and chronic care hospital
  • Day rehabilitation clinics
  • Centre for treatment for eating disorders
  • Social activities club for young stroke victims
  • Leading edge technology applied to rehabilitation
  • Senior homes for 24/7 access to medical assistance
  • Community centres for seniors
  • Subsidised housing for holocaust survivors




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